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A true gentleman has one set of manners for everyone. He understands that respectful behavior is not reserved only for special occasions. Placing value in our time spent together can only lead to the most memorable and riveting of experiences. As a gracious ebony escort, below are ethics and standards that matter most to me.



The human connection is key to an incredible encounter. I have a contact form for new friends who would like to reach me discreetly for the first time. Because some gentlemen may feel that a form is impersonal, I am also open to connecting by email or phone to arrange a date – as long as proper verification information is provided. Existing suitors may reach me by phone or email to coordinate an engagement.


I am quite judicious and private about special moments I create with my liaisons because our time is precious. I do not retain personal information unless I am specifically requested to do so. I am not inclined to reach out unless it is in response to your communication. If ever our paths cross in public, it will be as though we are complete strangers.


I am an exclusive companion who specializes in sacred sensual massage known only to Tantrism. Mild sensual Domination is my other specialty which incorporates a gentle form of BDSM. Because I truly enjoy what I do, I invite only mature, confident, balanced and easy going gentlemen.


I believe that proper etiquette is here to stay! Disrespect and rudeness are not my friends and would regrettably force an abrupt ending to our engagement. My safety is of utmost importance to me, including anything physical, emotional or psychological that would jeopardize my lifestyle. By the same token, I am a lady who treats others the way I like to be treated.


I accept only cash donations. All arrangements should be coordinated before we actually meet. There should be no verbal discussion about donations at any time. Whether you are visiting me or I am visiting you, place your donation in an unsealed envelope in clear view within the first few minutes of our engagement.


I enjoy light fantasy and fetish activities such as gentle sensual Domination and role playing. However, I am open to other ideas. Just ask me and if they are outside of my limits, I will certainly let you know.


Sometimes life gets in the way and canceling or re-scheduling becomes necessary. With ample notice I would be happy to reschedule. With more than one cancellation, I would strongly consider ending our association.


While many ladies feature their reviews, I am personally opposed. Rather than opening our experience to public scrutiny I prefer to keep those private moments of passion, warmth and ecstasy to ourselves. However, I do invite and encourage feedback from my suitor. It is much more personal and romantic, don’t you think? It would thrill me to receive an amorous message following our date whether by email or text. If you are interested in learning about my past encounters, I will be happy to share those messages without disclosing who provided them.