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Find a place inside where there’s joy and the joy will burn out the pain” Joseph Campbell

1. Can you tell me more about your background?

Born and raised in West Indies, I knew only the lush, tropical beauty of the Caribbean. Perhaps you will notice my soft, sexy accent, cheerful wit and radiant disposition when we meet! Sensuality surrounded me as naturally as a warm ocean breeze. So it should come as no surprise that my calling has always been the art of healing through intimate communication, sensual massage and erotic touch.

2. This is my first experience with Tantra. What can I expect?

Upon your arrival, I will greet you with a delicious kiss and warm embrace. We will get to know one another (or catch up) over a glass of wine or beverage of your choice. As your Tantrica, I will be your giver and you will become my receiver. Tantra is about saying ‘yes’ to all of the beauty and chaos that weaves the tapestry of life: Loving will not be left to chance as I look into your eyes and see only the divine. Ours will be a sacred experience, unique only to us and like none other for there is no ‘one size fits all’ session. Together we will discover oneness through a chemistry in which there will be no separation between our physical and spiritual worlds. As we dwell only in the present, our connection will deepen. I will awaken your energy through the various chakras, intensifying powerful currents of sexual awakening that lead to conscious divine communion. Spending at least ninety minutes together allows for the Bath Ceremony, an ancient Tantric tradition and one that is highly recommended. The Tantric experience is about realizing your own highest truth. Expect to depart wearing a happy smile having received the gift of aliveness – my gift to you.

3. What can I expect from my companion?

There is only so much I can say with words. The profound pleasure and deep spiritual and sensual awakening of the Tantric touch is a beautiful opening into the self in which a subtle touch, a whisper in the ear and the caress of a kiss combine in a thousand different ways. I will soothe your stress, stimulate your person and relax your mind. Each and every experience is infinitely unique. I will become your companion and Tantric Goddess in mind, body and spirit as we discover boundless intimacy. A new world will unfold around you as we inhale pure bliss with every breath. Ecstasy is all about the journey not the destination.

4. What is a Bath Ceremony?

Imagine your beautiful Tantrica Goddess nurturing every inch of your body, peeling off layers of stress, anxiety and worries that accumulate through day-to-day living. Water signifies the divine gift of life resonating with the highest purity in this time-honored Tantric tradition. The Bath Ceremony will set the tone for the rest of your session. I will prepare a warm shower and take you by the hand into a wet stream of warm pleasure where I will disrobe you. I will luxuriously lather your skin and anoint your body with Aromatherapy aphrodisiacs. Following the bath, I will lead you into a sacred space resonating with low, rhythmic music, a host of vibrant candles and pure passion. Your body work will begin with Tantric massage during which I will caress your back, legs and shoulders. Kneading will gradually become soft, stimulating strokes as I deliver you to the edge of bliss again and again. In a state of semi-consciousness, your body will shiver as my hands release every last pearl drop of sweet nectar.

5. Do you tour?

As a VIP touring companion, I am drawn to Boston, Providence and Vermont. You may also find me in cities such as Bridgeport, Greenwich, Rhode Island, Long Island and Norwalk, where I enjoy engaging with gentlemen suitors in some of the more elegant establishments.

6. Will you travel to see me?

Absolutely. I find infinite richness in travel, an indefinable pleasure that barely describes my love for new discoveries. If our chemistry is just right and the length of our time together justifies the commute, I would love to fly to you! Every part of the universe calls upon my spiritual reality through the insight that comes with travel. Whether it is for business or pleasure, we will create time to bask in romance and relaxation. Let us share in the fascinating history of foreign cultures, the exhilaration of sensuous surroundings and the natural beauty of life. I am partial to exotic climates and European-like cities.

7. I would like to bestow a gift. What kinds of things do you most appreciate?

The underlying tonality of receiving a gift is most important to me. When a token of your affection is given with sincerity, I would love to receive jewelry, lingerie, chocolates, roses or fresh blossoms. My latest hobby is studying astrology. Acquiring a telescope is on the top of my list!

8. What sort of attire will you wear on our date?

Since I am an avid traveler who easily blends into all cultures, I have developed a versatile wardrobe. In a cold climate I might wear a sexy sweater and fitted slacks; in a hot, summer climate I may wear a slinky sun dress or a bikini; in a conservative environment, I might wear a chic business suit with high-heeled pumps and silk stockings. While my attire may lean toward a slightly conservative side, you will always feel a subliminal eroticism emanating quiet messages of romance. Know that underneath it all, I will be adorned in excitingly sexy lingerie reserved exclusively for our private moments and Tantric bodywork.

9. May I see you at your place or mine?

While either is possible, privacy and discretion are mandatory. Reach out and let me know your preference. We will arrange the details. Please keep in mind that Tantric work evokes powerful feelings that can be pleasantly overwhelming, energy absorbent and life altering. My intentions are true in that I want you to receive the most of our time together. That is why consideration of the venue is important.

10. Verification makes me a little nervous. Is it really necessary?

I understand that completing the screening process may seem like an invasion of privacy. Please know that discretion is equally important to me as it is to you. Because we are both concerned about anonymity, I employ three of the most professional verification services: Date-Check, Preferred 411 and RS2K. On my contact form, the phrase, ‘Companion Reference’ asks for another companion with whom you have met in the past. Request of employment information asks for standard information that is held in strict confidentiality and then discarded after verification is complete. Subsequent to the screening process, we will both be free to enjoy the fruits of our acquaintance. What could be better?

11. What is your schedule like?

My schedule varies. My life is filled with studies and many other activities. On occasion, I am available on short notice. Otherwise, I prefer at least 24 hours advance request to ensure my availability and so that I can thoroughly prepare for our engagement.