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I want to give people a taste of the Caribbean and show them the fun side of me” Rihanna

I practice Tantrism, the union of sexuality and spirit. When insatiable desires get the best of you, come to me. Allow my healing hands and delicious body to entertain you causing stress to leave and peace to enter. Pleasure through full body sensual massage is an art form and my specialty. Whether it’s carnal or cerebral, I love to indulge in everything that life has to offer.

My rates are for incall only. Outcall engagements can be arranged if the venue is appropriate and for an additional fee. Kindly remember that all of my services are nonnegotiable. Questioning any amount would strongly indicate that another companion might be better suited to fit your needs.

I am well aware that there may be a time when re-scheduling is essential. With ample advanced notice, I will be happy to accommodate your schedule to the best of my ability. In the more extreme measure when cancellation is unavoidable, please respect my schedule and inform me as soon as possible. More than one cancellation would regrettably end our association. In the unlikely event that I should have to cancel our engagement, any deposit would be automatically refunded.

The packages below embrace vibrant moments that warm my soul.. I am also a touring companion frequenting the cities of Greenwich, Bridgeport, Norwalk, Rhode Island, Long Island, Boston, Providence and Vermont. Additional details are located at the bottom of this page.

Sensuous Polynesia * intimate * healing * calming

My dedicated hands will use different modalities to stroke your body into a deep state of letting go. Normal arousal expectations will be de-programmed releasing a new erotic flow that awakens your sexuality within. Stress, anxiety and physical ailments will dissolve through an extraordinary ceremony of divine bodywork. Sexy, sublime pleasure mingles with hands-on erotic massage where time, worries and problems disappear. Discover the ebb and flow of orgasmic sensations that stop short of Red Lotus. Could this be heaven? Without a doubt!

1 hr - $225    1 ½ hrs - $300   2 hrs - $350

Sacred Ananda * spiritual ecstasy * blissful * gratifying

Step into my lush boudoir where Tantric touch reigns as the optimum in heightened erotic awareness. Beginning with a glorious Bath Ceremony, my gentle hands and succulent mouth will worship your body and person creating prolonged pleasure through slow, intimate movements that bow at the feet of Nirvana. Using my innate talents of sensuality, intense sexual energy will dissolve physical boundaries and deliver you into a new state of consciousness. The only experience more profound that Sacred Ananda is Red Lotus.

1 hr - $325    1½ hrs - $450   2 hrs - $500

Red Lotus * sexual awakening * passionate * fulfilling

Expand your capacity to experience pleasure as I become your Tantrica and sacred companion. Self-transcendence will expand consciousness to reveal the prolonged orgasms of divine lovemaking. A traditional Tantric Bath Ceremony will lead to a sublime union of physical, spiritual and intellectual ecstasy between body, mind and soul. Passion sleeps in the heart like an unopened lotus that will awaken, connecting you to sensuality and spiritual bliss. With a blend of social events and private time, we will embrace priceless moments – the only ones that matter. As your priestess of consummate pleasure, healing and fellowship, Red Lotus will lead our encounter to Nirvana. Open your mind, my darling, for there is no telling what can happen. At least two hours together is encouraged.

1 hr - $450   1½ hrs - $575   2 hrs - $700   

Sensual Domination * fantasy fulfillment * hushed secrets * forbidden tease

Does wild yet sensual excitement laced with light domination stimulate you? Subtle gasps and groans that park on the verge of ecstasy are overwhelmingly pleasurable as long as they are within your limits. My lips or something else may meet with yours just long enough to drive you mad with desire. Then what?

Add $100 to any package

Sacred Spot * intensely pleasurable * powerfully healing * ecstatic

The prostate is well known as a man’s emotional sex center where the most sensitive and explosive of sensations occur. Prostate massage is highly effective in releasing emotional and physical stress. I harbor a deep understanding of male physiology. First-time gentlemen are treated with compassion and care. Would you like to explore?

Add $50 to any package

Soul Intention * travel * adventure * excitement

The journey suddenly becomes immensely rewarding with the proper mindset. Tantra has taught me the significance of tuning into the spiritual reality of a trip. Whether for business or pleasure, weekend or extended excursions, my mental outlook gives me great pleasure in discovering beauty in the tiniest of daily nuances. In short, there is never a dull moment! Just to name a few, some of my favorite destinations include Quebec, Montreal, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Washington and New York. As a skilled organizer, I am happy to coordinate a trip on our behalf that is nothing less than deeply rewarding, passionate and fun! Please review travel details at the bottom of this page.

Please inquire

Yin and Yang * sugar sweet * amorous * ongoing

There is no day without night and no energy without matter. When we must see each other on a regular basis with nothing but dynamic harmony, let us extend our connection beyond a regular tryst or getaway. If you would like to see me on an exclusive or semi exclusive basis, by all means share your thoughts with me.

Please inquire


Out-call – additional $75 per hour (within a 25-mile radius)

Half day (5 hours) - $1,750

Full day (11 am to midnight) - $2,500

Weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) - $5,000

Exclusive Travel – Advance notice, itinerary,  duration and  accommodations are required. A 50% deposit and cost of transportation (airfare, taxi, etc.) is necessary and will be forfeited if plans are canceled in less than 48 hours.